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ESSD is pleased to offer the following webinars and courses on key topics in the field of swallowing disorders through November. A discounted rate on courses is available for members and webinars are free! More details and pricing is found below:

Upcoming ESSD Webinars

ESSD 59th Webinar
Wednesday, 19 October at 6:30pm CET.
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Early Identification and Management of Laryngeal Dysfunction in Cervical Spinal Cord Injury will be presented by Jackie Macrae
The webinar will be restreamed on Thursday 20 October – from 12:30 upon registration for the livestream.

ESSD 60th Webinar
Wednesday, 16 November at 6:30pm CET.
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Multilevel Swallowing Disorders: Videofluoroscopic Case Discussions will be presented by Peter Pokieser.
The webinar will be restreamed on 17 November – from 12:30 upon registration for the livestream.

Unless otherwise indicated, all ESSD webinars are 29 EUR for non-members, and free for ESSD members


Upcoming ESSD Courses

Tracheostomy 1 – Basics in tracheostomy management and decannulation
This course takes place over the following two days:

  • 12 November 2022 – 09:00am to 05:00pm
  • 24 November 2022 – 05:00pm to 07:00pm

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The aim of this course is to give a broad overview on the topic tracheostomized patients in different settings and their individual needs across the different diagnosis leading to a tracheostomy; from ICU and ventilator depending to long-term care. We will discuss first options of vocalization till decannulation protocols and procedures as well as the role of swallowing and swallowing disorders within this population.

This course is for all medical professionals working with tracheostomized patients and have beginners to intermediate experience with this patient group.

ESSD Member: 99 EUR
Non-member: 140 EUR

Tracheostomy 2 – Swallowing Assessment and Re-Oralisation
17 November 2022 – 01:00pm to 06:00pm
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During this course it will be discussed when and how to assess tracheostomized patient’s swallowing function. Screenings, clinical and instrumental assessment as well as the decision making process and clinical pathway to start eating and drinking again will be presented and participants are invited to bring their own cases.

ESSD Member: 39 EUR
Non-member: 80 EUR

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