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ESSD Fellow (FESSD) Membership

The ESSD is a thriving community making major contributions to improving the lives of people living with dysphagia and their families across Europe. The ESSD conference is the most important annual event ESSD organises where major scientific advances in dysphagia care are presented. The ESSD Fellows are a group of senior individuals appointed on the basis of their scientific and clinical expertise, leadership in improving dysphagia care and willingness to be active in the ESSD. Fellows bring their expertise to supporting committees, ESSD teaching courses, mentorship programmes and webinars, and working as ESSD ambassadors in their own country of origin.

The ESSD fellowship is open to speech and language pathologists, physicians, scientists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with a major and productive interest in dysphagia.

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In addition to the standard ESSD membership benefits, ESSD Fellows benefit from a higher profile and more active membership in ESSD. Fellowship benefits include:

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  • Listed as an ESSD Fellow on the ESSD website
  • Entitled to use the FESSD designation
  • Included in annual Fellow distribution of ESSD Fellow list
  • Invited to participate in the Council of Fellows as part of the annual ESSD conference

Application Requirements

Basic eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply for ESSD Fellowship (FESSD) the following basic requirements need to be fulfilled:

  1. ESSD-membership in good standing for at least the last 2 years.
  2. Attendance of at least three ESSD conferences in the preceding six years.
  3. Presentation (poster or oral), or contribution to a teaching session at an ESSD conference
  4. Contribution to an ESSD committee / working group/ conference organisation – through membership or invited attendance at these groups.

Areas and criteria of excellence

There are different areas of excellence (researcher, clinician scientist, clinician), where the applicants may have been active in the past.

These areas and the respective criteria that will be taken into account when evaluating the individual applications are summarised here. The applicants should make sure that these criteria are addressed in their CV.

Letters of recommendation

The applicants should submit two letters of recommendation.

If possible, one letter should be provided from the chair/manager of the applicant’s institution/hospital. A second letter should be written by an international scientific leader in the field of dysphagia.

Curriculum vitae

The applicants should submit their CV.

A CV template is available for download that details what information is expected on the CV submitted with the application. The applicants should supplement their current CVs with any information that is required based on the area of excellence they have chosen for their application in the "Additional Information" section of the application form.

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