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Through its European Dysphagia Council (EDC), ESSD would like to establish and intensify regular collaboration with national dysphagia societies and representatives with the purpose to provide a forum for ongoing networking that allows for strategic dialogue about common practice and challenges in the field of swallowing and its disorders across Europe. It’s ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life of patients who may benefit from dysphagia care. 

The EDC is a project of the ESSD and will be supported by and reporting to the ESSD board.

In its initial stage, the EDC aims to connect with national representatives and societies in dysphagia care from all countries in geographical Europe. In the (near) future, membership could be opened to other institutions and/or organizations active in dysphagia care or related fields, either providing or supporting dysphagia services, training professionals, or representing professionals.

Applications are now being accepted, please click here to apply.


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