Our Mission

Who we are

The European Society for Swallowing Disorders is an international non-profit association aiming to improve the quality of care for those affected by swallowing disorders. The Society brings together health care professionals and researchers from multiple disciplines to promote excellence in care, education, and research in swallowing physiology and swallowing disorders.

Aims of the Society

The European Society for Swallowing Disorders aims to improve dysphagia care through education, research, interdisciplinary cooperation and best practice development by:

  • providing an interdisciplinary and international forum for exchange and collaboration
  • advancing the professional development of its members and the sector
  • developing professional standards of practice and guidelines
  • contributing to the development of dysphagia care through research and education
  • representing and promoting the field to policymakers, related societies, and networks
  • raising awareness about dysphagia and swallowing disorders


The European Society for Swallowing Disorders offers access to a European, interdisciplinary network of dysphagia specialists. We offer events, training, and courses dedicated to dysphagia care for different levels of professional expertise and organize the annual international ESSD Dysphagia Congress. Members benefit from an online subscription to the bimonthly journal Dysphagia and access to all articles on the journal website. The congress and journal give members the opportunity to present and publish their research.