Proposal of new topics for ESSD Best Practice Statements


Dear ESSD member,

The ESSD has published over the past few years several Best Practice Statements (formerly, whitepapers) in, for example, non-instrumental assessment, head and neck oncology, stroke, geriatrics and rheology. The purpose of Best Practice Statements is to develop recommendations for clinical practice or public health policy. Recommendations are statements designed to help end-users make informed decisions on whether, when and how to undertake specific actions such as clinical interventions, diagnostic tests or public health measures, with the aim of achieving the best possible individual or collective health outcomes.

The ESSD Research Group would like to invite you as an ESSD member to propose topics for new Best Practice Statements. Please be sufficiently specific in the topic description and also describe the reason(s) for proposing the topic(s).

Kind regards,

The ESSD Research Group

Send us your reply to by the end of September 2023 at the latest, please include:



Institution (Name, Country):

Proposal topic:

Rational for proposed topic:




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