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2024 Recordings

Post-stroke dysphagia - where are we now?  - By Paul Muhle
Post-stroke dysphagia - where are we now?  - By Paul Muhle
Schlaganfall-assoziierte Dysphagie - Wo stehen wir heute? - By Paul Muhle
Defining Presbyphagia - quantitative analysis of age-related changes in healthy adults - By Renata Mancopes
From Bolus to Biomechanics to what next? Do Pathophysiologic Models of Motor Control Apply for Swallowing?
- By Maggie-Lee Huckabee
Current & future applications of ultrasound in the assessment & management of dysphagia - By Jodi Allen

Häufigkeit, Ursachen und Auswirkungem der Dysphagie nach mechanischer Thrombektomie bei Schlaganfall - By Dr Cornelius Werner

Frequency, causes and effects of dysphagia after mechanical thrombectomy for stroke - By Dr Cornelius Werner

Ethics & culture: where we all really started with eating and drinking - By Paula Leslie

Prophylactic swallowing exercises in head and neck cancer patients during radiotherapy PRESTO-trial: differences in adherence & outcome variables - By Margot Baudelet

2023 Recordings

Tracheostomy management in dysphagic patients": a post-graduate curriculum for Speech-Language Therapists in Germany - By Ulrike Frank & Christian Ledl

Tracheakanülenmanagement in der Dysphagietherapie“ für LogopädInnen und SprachtherapeutInnen - By Ulrike Frank & Christian Ledl

Cochrane Rehabilitation for knowledge translation and improving methodology in rehabilitation research. - By Stefano Negrini & Carlotte Kiekens

Neurostimulation als innovativer Therapieansatz für neurogene Dysphagien. - By Prof. Dr. Sonja Suntrup-Krüger

Neurostimulation for the treatment of neurogenic dysphagia. - By Prof. Dr. Sonja Suntrup-Krüger

How to approach dysphagia in Parkinson's disease? - By Prof. Tobias Werneck & Prof. Rainer Dziewas

Brain health as a determining factor for post-stroke dysphagia: tissue integrity beyond the stroke. - By Dr. Janina Wilmskoette

The resting state observation in FEES. Experience from FEES education and clinical routine. - By Jochen Keller, PhD

Die Bedeutung der Ruhebeobachtung in der FEES. Erfahrungen aus der FEES-Ausbildung und dem klinischen Alltag.- By Jochen Keller, PhD

What's new and coming up in ESSD? Join and find out! - By Dr. Rainer Dziewas & Stefanie Duchac

Cough Reflex Testing - Dr Emma Wallace

Social eating: a way to broaden our vision on people with dysphagia - Dr Nicole Pizzorni, Dr Ninfa Aurora & Prof Antonio Schindler

Management of acute versus chronic neurogenic dysphagia- This webinar was presented in English
- Dr. Ramya Lapa, PhD, Frankfurt University

Management of acute versus chronic neurogenic dysphagia- This webinar was presented in German
- Dr. Ramya Lapa, PhD, Frankfurt University

Huntingtons Disease - Beate Schumann-Werner

Screening for post-stroke dysphagia: which method for which setting? - Dr Michaela Trapl-Grundschober

2022 Recordings

Multilevel swallowing disorders: Videofluoroscopic case discussions - Peter Pokieser

Early Identification and Management of Laryngeal Dysfunction in Cervical Spinal Cord Injury - Jackie McRae

The Dysphagia Therapy Toolbox: what does it look like? - Emilia Michou

Dysphagia in neuromuscular disorders –
clinical impact, diagnostic approach and treatment - Rainer Dziewas

ESSD whitepapers 2021 - Rene Speyer, Laura Baijens and Rainer Dziewas

Neuromodulation for neurogenic dysphagia: an overview - Ivy Cheng

Long-term Dysphagia in Head and Neck Cancer patients: background, treatment pathways and recommendations for the maintenance of swallowing function - Bjorn Degen

Dysphagia and multiple disabilities - Eric Verin

Videofluoroscopic Diagnostic Case Studies: Interactive Work Up - Peter Pokieser

Using Fees To Assess Neurogenic Dysphagia - Which Protocol For Which Patient - Dziewas Rainer

2021 Recordings

Videofluoroscopy of multilevel swallowing disorders: case presentations - Peter Pokieser

FEES-Phenotypes of neurogenic dysphagia – theoretical background and practical considerations - Dziewas Rainer

Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing: pathophysiological and clinical implications in the pediatric population - Farneti Daniele

Telepratice vs on-site mealtime assessment in patients with dysphagia: pros and cons - Antonio Schindler, Nicole Pizzorni, Aurora Ninfa, University of Milan

Genetics and swallowing motor system: can our genes predict dysphagia recovery? - Shaheen Hamdy

COPD and deglutition: a yellow submarine? - Eric Verin

Management of Post-Stroke Dysphagia - the new ESO-ESSD guideline - Rainer Dziewas

Dysphagia following Cervical Spine Surgery - Triviality or severe complication? - Stefanie Duchac

Pharyngeal Electrical Stimulation revisted - the PHADER registry - Rainer Dziewas

Videofluoroscopy of multilevel swallowing disorders - Peter Pokieser

Zenker diverticulum: Diagnosis and Treatment - Laura Baijens