Working Groups

ESSD focus groups

ESSD committees are of two kinds and appointed for a period of 2 years term:

  • advisory committees that contribute to particular activities and guide association strategies in various areas.
  • event program committees that shape program content for specific activities.
    Members are expected to actively participate in the work of the committee, provide thoughtful input to committee deliberations, and focus on the best interests of the association and committee goals.

If you wish to be considered as a candidate for the ESSD Committees, please reach out to the ESSD secretariat.

Congress - Adhoc

Purpose: Organisation & Supervision of the in-person Congress 14-16 September 2022 in Leuven, Belgium.

Industry and Sponsorship

Purpose: To develop and maintain productive partnerships with industry and sister societies. To raise funds through industry sponsorship.

Good Governance

Purpose: To clarify and define board & volunteer roles & responsibilities. To guidelines, internal rules, codes of conduct and other standards as necessary. To prepare the update of the articles of association.

Communication & Outreach/Membership

Purpose: To ensure the mission and activities of ESSD are visible and well communicated to the ESSD community & other stakeholders & to understand and serve member needs, to create active relationships with ESSD members, to grow membership & engage members to become active volunteers.

Professional Development & Education

Purpose: To create and implement a relevant, timely, professional and income-generating educational programme for ESSD members.

Research Guidelines & Grants Group

Purpose: To foster ESSD’s contribution to research, sector guidelines and grant proposals. To encourage members collaboration on research, to optimise the relationship with the Dysphagia Journal.