World Swallowing Day 2022!


Happy World Swallowing Day!

This year WDS highlights the diversity of professionals involved in dyphagia care.

We asked health care professionals from all over world to describe their work in dysphagia.

If you click on the movies below, you can hear what they have to say!

Adult SLP – Rosemary Martino
Deglutologist – Julie Regan
Dentist – Andrea Pinto
Dentist – Makoto Inoue
Engineer – Mark Nicosia
Neurology – Rainer Dziewas
Nurse – Yyayoi Kamakura
Peditrician – Sreekanth Viswansthan
Pediatric SLP – Joan Adverson
Pediatric SLP – Luis Salinas
Physical Rehabilitation Doctor – Alvaro Moyano
Physical Rehabilitation Doctor – Eric Verin
Psysiatrist – Shin-ichi Izumi
Speech & Language Pathologist

A great collaboration between LADS, JSDR, DRS & ESSD

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